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Nd-YAg Laser

The Nd-YAg laser is a modern laser hair removal technology. The primary advantage lies in the fact it generally works on any kind of skin, even tanned and darker skin. Other lasers are incapable of doing so. However, ideal results have yet to be obtained with fine, light, or white hair. The YAG laser technology is typically used on tanned or dark skin.
Six to eight sessions, separated by one month, are recommended for best outcomes. The Nd-YAG laser has a wavelength of 1044nm2 and is best suited for permanently eliminating hair in hair types 2 and 3.

Diode Laser

Diode lasers emit only one frequency of light that is highly absorbed by melanin. At the same time, it integrates skin conditioning to protect the skin’s surface. As the melanin temperature rises, it eliminates the connective tissue and circulates blood to the follicle, permanently disabling the hair. Diode lasers that can provide extremely high-frequency low fluency pulses are able to be used safely on every kind of skin.

As more coats are applied, the peel will become deeper as the solution searches for protein to neutralise itself. The long-lasting results make it a great peel for people who prefer fewer peeling sessions at the expense of moderate downtime.